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Restricted Call to maximise impact of IMI2 JU objectives and scientific priorities


The scope of the restricted Call will be to support further research activities in those exceptional cases where it is necessary to enable successful consortia to build on the achievements of their initial action, move onto the next step of the challenge, and maximise the impacts of the initial action results.

A major challenge in life sciences, in particular within the medicines development process, is the scale of the investment required, the stepwise approach, very long development timelines and the successful involvement of relevant stakeholders. Certain IMI2 JU topics, launched under IMI2 JU Calls for proposals that are now closed, anticipated in their corresponding work plans the need for a stepwise approach.

  • enhancement of the impacts already delivered by the consortium in the initial action;
  • improvement drug development process;
  • public health benefits and improved European citizens’ health and well-being;
  • contribution to the EU’s industrial leadership including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);
  • impact on regulatory, health technology assessment, and healthcare practices, if relevant;
  • further maximisation of the IMI2 JU public-private partnership value by harnessing support from different stakeholders, including the mobilisation of funds through the inclusion of contributing partners – not necessarily involved in the initial project – to reflect the public-private character of IMI2 JU actions.