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Increasing the service offer of the EOSC Portal


In order to coordinate the provision through the EOSC Portal of state-of-the-art research purely enabling services across Europe, proposals should build on the competences of pan-European e-Infrastructures of diverse domains to ensure multidisciplinary research and synergies with national and regional programmes. The progressive federation of the services and resources under the awarded proposals, together with the progressive connection of ESFRI research infrastructures[[INFRAEOSC-04-2018.]] and thematic clouds developed under other parts of the Horizon 2020 programme, should allow the EOSC Portal to provide a catalogue that increasingly meets the researchers’ needs covering the full research life cycle.

All the grants awarded under this topic will be implemented in the same period so that they can work on potential synergies, and coordinate in the overall service offering as well as in the communication and dissemination activities to avoid overlaps and fragmentation. To this extent, proposals sh

While the overall management and operation of the activities of the EOSC Portal is addressed in INFRAEOSC-03-2020, the challenge in this topic is to effectively coordinate at pan-European level the provision through the EOSC Portal of state-of-the-art research enabling services from a wide range of national, regional and institutional public infrastructures in Europe, covering diverse thematic domains, and further non-research resources in order to: 1) scale up the EOSC Portal; and 2) set-up a model for interaction between service providers and the EOSC Portal operators through pan-European e-infrastructure entities, based on transparency and effectiveness of cost compensation.

  • Scale up the EOSC Portal through a growing catalogue to the broadest possible set of high quality services and resources supporting the whole research life cycle from service providers across Europe and beyond.
  • More scientific communities across Europe are equipped and have access to state-of-the-art services (including storage and computing) for their research activities, increasing data-intensive research.
  • Facilitate Open Science practices across the research community in Europe with services to connect, share and re-use all type of research outputs, fostering collaboration and enhancing scientific discovery.
  • Support the collaboration in data provision and exchange across regional and national related infrastructures allowing the integration of data from a myriad of resources and research communities.
  • Foster synergies between pan-European e-infrastructures operators, leading to harmonised services, improved use of resources and economies of scale across Eur