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European Open Innovation network in advanced technologies


The action will consist of:

  • The setting-up of a European Open Innovation Network in advanced technologies with a central brokerage service point, aimed at matching innovation needs/requests from large industries with innovative solutions from SME technology providers.
  • The central brokerage service point will use the network of innovation intermediaries (e.g. technology centres) to help matching innovation needs/requests and solution offers. The consortium will define the capacity and quality criteria applicable to innovation intermediaries for joining the network. The network should span across the EU.
  • The brokerage services aim to liaise SME providers of solutions based on advanced technologies with potential industry users such as large (multinational) companies having specific technological challenges. The services are expected to include support and advice to companies to define their innovation requests/offers and identify possible solutions/usages (technology scou

    Open innovation is a paradigm that assumes that companies can benefit from external ideas/technologies (Outside-In) and valorise internal ideas/technologies with external partners (Inside-Out) to reduce the financial risks associated to innovation, and quickly get a competitive advantage. Open Innovation implies accelerating internal R&D and innovation along value chains through collaboration between the technological supply - and demand - side[[Open innovation, open science, open to the world - a vision for Europe, DG RTD, 2016 (]] within networked, multi-collaborative ecosystems.

    Open innovation today is a well-known concept in large companies. However, SMEs are less aware of the opportunities offered by open innovation. Innovation intermediaries such as technology centres can

    • Critical mass of collaboration projects between SME solution providers and (large, multinational) industry users.
    • Sustainable network ensuring effective matchmaking, at pan-European level, between innovative solutions from SME providers and needs/usages of (large, multinational) industries.
    • Positive business impacts (e.g. increased sales) for SME providers having benefited from the brokerage services.
    • Increased provision by SMEs of innovative solutions based on advanced technologies matching the needs of industrial users.