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Strengthening the research and innovation strategies of the transport industries in Europe

Specific challenge: The specific challenge is to strengthen the willingness and capability of European transport industries and other transport stakeholders to collaborate at European level in identifying their common research and innovation needs and defining the corresponding objectives, agendas and roadmaps.

Scope: Proposals should address some or all of the following activities:

      Updating of research agendas and roadmaps at modal and multi-modal level, taking into account user needs and policy requirements.

      Defining implementation plans, based on business scenarios, the research agendas and roadmaps.

      Monitoring the status of progress of transport research and innovation activities towards the commonly identified needs and agreed objectives.

      Developing links and coordination strategies between the transport-related ETPs and technology platforms existing at national level in Member States and Associated Countries, in order to ensure synergies and convergence.

      Increasing visibility of research and innovation activities, and contributing to the dissemination of results, through large conferences, thematic events, showcases, databases, website support, newsletters and other publications, including coordination with large transport events, such as Transport Research Arena conference, and cooperation with the Transport Research and Innovation Portal (TRIP) and relevant ERA-NETs.

The action will assist the transport-related European Technology Platforms (ETP), the European Commission (EC) and Member States and Associated Countries in defining research needs for their strategies and programmes in order to realise the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy, especially the Innovation Union and Horizon 2020, as well as the vision of the White Paper 2011 ‘Roadmap to a single European transport area’.

Consortia must be made-up of leading European transport research experts from both industry and research providers. The implementation of this action requires close collaboration with the ETPs dealing with transport research and innovation, as well as with other related initiatives and entities. Cooperation with EU services will be an essential element.

Expected impact: This action is expected to optimise the research and innovation capacities of Europe in the Transport sector, to improve communication, dissemination and use of results, and to help defining relevant transport policies.

Type of action: Coordination and Support Actions