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Co-funding of regional, national and international programmes


Each proposal funded under the COFUND scheme must have a sole beneficiary that will be responsible for the availability of the necessary complementary funds to execute the proposal.

Applicants submit multi-annual proposals for new or existing doctoral programmes or fellowship programmes which are expected to have an impact on enhancing research- and innovation related human resources on regional, national or international level.

Applicants having benefited from COFUND under previous calls (under the Seventh Framework Programme or under Horizon 2020) must explain how their proposal adds value in relation to the excellence and/or the impact award criteria, compared to their previous grant(s). As an example, added value could take the form of increased networking with organisations in less represented countries or capacity building measures there to further structure the European Research Area.

Researchers supported under this scheme shall comply with the mobility rules of the Marie Skłodow

At researcher level:

  • Augment and diversify the set of skills, both research-related and transferable ones, that will lead to improved employability and career prospects both in and outside academia
  • Forge new mind sets and approaches to research and innovation work through interdisciplinary and intersectoral experience
  • Enhance networking and communication capacities with scientific peers, as well as with the general public, that will increase and broaden the research and innovation impact

At organisation level:

  • Increasing the attractiveness of the participating organisation(s) towards talented researchers
  • Boosting research and innovation output among participating organisations
  • Strengthening of international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary collaborative networks that will reinforce the organisation's position and visibility at a global level, but also at a regional/national level by helping them b