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VLD.02 W2 Airport Surface Management, Airport Safety Nets and ATSAW

The VLD aims at demonstrating candidate SESAR Solutions that improve airport surface management and safety at the airport. In particular it may cover the following candidate SESAR Solutions:

  • ‘Traffic alerts for pilots for airport operations’ aims at warning pilots in case a traffic conflict is detected on airport surface. The solution is applicable to both mainline and business aircraft and the demonstration shall cover exercises for both. Note that the performance and quality reception of broadcast aircraft data (ADS-B) is a key enabler for the solution;
  • ‘Guidance assistance through airfield ground lighting’ is a ground-based service, intended for controllers, flight crews and vehicle drivers, and supported by the Advanced Surface Management Guidance and Control Systems (A-SMGCS) Guidance function;
  • ‘CAVS’ consists of a concept for delegation of separation from ATC to the flight crew on final approach (CDTI-assisted visual separation (CAVS)). The concept is based on the flight crew using the CAVS application on the CDTI, which requires ADS-B-in information;
  • ‘On-board Braking Action Computation System’ (OBACS) considers the aircraft as a measuring device, a ‘sensor in itself’ and collects in real-time all relevant raw on-board data (engine settings, aircraft weight, aerodynamic braking, speed, deceleration, directional control etc.) to compute an on-board braking action. This on-board computed braking action is transmitted to the ground system to be considered and integrated in the RWYCC assessment algorithm.
  • The topic may include activities aiming at progressing the maturity of candidate solution 61 ‘Hyper Connected ATM’ given that it is expected that airport operations are the first scenario where hyper-connectivity will be deployed and the number of stakeholders participating in the demonstration activities represent a good opportunity to start capturing requirements for this solution.

The importance of moving aircraft on the airport surface from stand to runway and vice versa in a safe, controlled and organised manner is paramount for airports and even more when capacity restrictions resulting from weather or other circumstances affect operations.

Improve airport safety levels and efficiency in the platform management operations.