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Graphene FET Flagship core project

Specific grants awarded for Research and Innovation Action under the Framework Partnership Agreement GRAPHENE - 649953.

The standard evaluation criteria, thresholds, weighting for award criteria and the maximum rate of co-financing for this type of action are provided in parts D and H of the General Annexes.

Within the Graphene Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) awarded under topic FETFLAG 1 - 2014 of the Call FET Flagships, the selected consortium will be invited to submit a proposal for a second Specific Grant Agreement (SGA) that will implement the next two years (indicative) of the action plan defined in the FPA.

The proposal should adhere to the programme of activities as envisioned in the FPA. It should address key parts of the FPA research roadmap while taking into account, whenever relevant, the changing state of the art throughout the world.

The proposal should describe how the coordination and management of the overall Flagship initiative as described in the FPA is implemented. The coordinating role must include in particular the concrete actions needed to ensure the overall continuity and coherence in the management of the Flagship initiative, such as (i) the governance of the Flagship initiative as a whole, (ii) updating the research roadmap and its innovation branches, and (iii) the collaboration with other research initiatives or programmes at regional, national, European or international level.

The proposal should focus on those areas that have the greatest innovation potential and impact on economy and society. This may require refocusing the Flagship resources accordingly. Any modification to the FPA selected Consortium partners should be sufficiently motivated and based on the highest standards of scientific and technological excellence and on open and transparent criteria.

The proposal should detail activities in areas such as human capital, education and training, dissemination, ethics and societal aspects.

This action allows for the provision of financial support to third parties in line with the conditions set out in Part K of the General Annexes.

Expected impact: Contributions to the targeted impacts defined in the action plan of the FPA.