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HBP FET Flagship core project

The Human Brain Project (HBP) Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) consortium will be invited to submit a proposal for a Specific Grant Agreement (SGA) that will implement the next three years (indicative) of the action plan defined in the HBP FPA.

The proposal should adhere to the FPA programme of activities and ensure that the activities focus on the essential elements for producing impactful results in neuroscience, medicine and computing. It should describe how ongoing HBP activities or other related S&T developments in Europe will be further developed and integrated, while taking into account the state of the art, maintaining a multi-disciplinarily approach and involving the relevant scientific communities.

The facilities of the HBP Service Research Infrastructure (SRI) should reach at least TRL 8 ('deployment', as defined in the HBP FPA Action Plan) by the end of this SGA. The proposal should explain how this will be achieved and measured; how it will engage relevant actors from established RI and ICT infrastructures and ensure that a sufficient number of scientists, RTOs, industry or healthcare users actively validate the SRI functionalities and operation modalities for preparing its wide adoption and use by the R&D communities; and how further innovation by relevant industry and other stakeholders will be nurtured from the HBP techniques and technologies.

The proposal should describe the coordination and management activities of the Flagship including activities, such as: (i) governance, including cooperation with an increasing number of partnering projects; (ii) updating the HBP strategic research roadmap for research, development and innovation in ICT, medicine and neuroscience; (iii) the collaboration with other research initiatives or programmes at regional, national, European or international level; and (iv) the plans and course of action to ensure the sustainability of the HBP SRI and how to start validating it. The proposal should also detail activities in areas such as human capital, education and training, dissemination and attracting large public support, international collaboration, ethics and societal aspects.

Any modification to the FPA Consortium partners should be sufficiently motivated and based on the highest standards of scientific and technological excellence and on open and transparent criteria.

This action allows for the provision of financial support to third parties in line with the conditions set out in General Annex K.

Impact: Contribution to the targeted impacts defined in the action plan of the HBP FPA.