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Advanced optical communication components (Photonics Partnership) (IA)

Proposals to develop ultra-dynamic photonic components and subsystems for data communication, using for example new optical wavelength bands, space division multiplexing, new integration schemes, optical switching and new switching paradigms, as solutions for time-deterministic and time-sensitive networks. They should also enable ultra-dynamic reconfiguration on the optical layer and mitigate amplifier power transients, while saving energy, improving bandwidth efficiency, and guaranteeing low deterministic latencies across the network. Emerging solutions, e.g. based on free space optical communication may be explored as well.

Advances will cover a range of use cases for example from optical switching in commercial applications to optical flow or packet switching approaches that would become practical for the industrial Internet. Where relevant for the application, devices should be able to work in a harsh environment such as within a wide temperature operating range, or in high humidity.

In this topic the integration of the gender dimension (sex and gender analysis) in research and innovation content is not a mandatory requirement.

This topic implements the co-programmed European Partnership on Photonics.