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Academia-Industry Forum on Emerging Enabling Technologies (CSA)

A Coordination and Support Action to create and catalyse a forum for emerging interdisciplinary areas and new technological visions. These actions enable and support a broad range of participants (across disciplines in science and engineering, RTOs, industry sectors, stakeholders) to meet, mutually inspire, cooperate and develop together innovative ideas for future enabling technologies from early stages on (i.e. TRL 3+). They will help industry to navigate rapidly changing environments, for instance by actively transferring ideas and early technologies between players that would not normally interact, or by combinations of different foresight activities (short-term, long-term, cross-sectorial) to prioritise strategic directions while avoiding narrow visions for the future.

Concrete activities will include horizon scanning, portfolio analysis, a variety of participatory workshops, visibility in various meetings, high-profile reporting on emerging enabling technologies. This will build on (and link to) existing programmes and research portfolios from European and national/regional programmes (including at low TRL) as well as broad sourcing from foresight and technology scouting activities, including those specifically done by this action for the cluster 4 industries and sectors. The forum should link to existing initiatives and partnerships and add value by active cross-fertilisation across disciplines and sectors, and by breaking the model of linear progression of technology development. National or regional R&I priorities and orientations from European countries will be taken into consideration. Broader stakeholder engagement is expected.

The forum should become a reference for new enabling technologies at different levels of maturity, their purpose, their transformational pathways and their impacts with a distinctive anchoring in European industry and research, as well as providing guidance and reasoned alternatives for Europe’s transformations, in line with the Commission priorities (in particular, Green Deal, Digitisation, and Industrial Strategy).

Proposals should involve and be driven by representatives of the relevant actors of the field (e.g. academia, RTOs, industry including SMEs).

In this topic the integration of the gender dimension (sex and gender analysis) in research and innovation content is not a mandatory requirement.