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Zero-defect manufacturing towards zero-waste (Made in Europe Partnership) (IA)


The projects must address the full production line or system, with an holistic approach, with the aim of reducing defects (e.g. rejected components or products) and manufacturing waste. The defect reduction and the overall quality control should be centred on such defects that reduce the yield, acceptance, or qualification of the final product, and enable a “first-time-right” production process.

Projects should target types of waste or discarded material from identified defective products or components that cannot be easily reworked or recycled without significant effort. This implies a demonstrable transition to a sustainable production, and should include additional elements such as life-cycle analyses and environmental assessments.

The system improvements should address the integration of control systems and/or in-line non-destructive inspection methods in demonstrative use-cases that enable for rapid feedback and/or feedforward control. In addition the project could consider the use of large data sets and analysis, stemming from all sorts of production process and material data, possibly supported by data-sharing between sites, for the creation of comprehensive machine learning algorithms.

Proposals submitted under this topic should include a business case and exploitation strategy, as outlined in the introduction to this Destination.

Research must build on existing standards or contribute to standardisation. Interoperability for data sharing should be addressed. Additionally, a strategy for skills development should be presented, associating social partners when relevant.

All projects should build on or seek collaboration with existing projects and develop synergies with other relevant European, national or regional initiatives, funding programmes and platforms.

This topic implements the co-programmed European Partnership Made in Europe.