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Reliability and resilience of the grid: Measures for vulnerabilities, failures, risks and privacy


Proposals are expected to include all of the following 4 points:

  • Demonstration of measures to minimize TSO and DSO risks, vulnerabilities and of priority strategies and measures against nature and man-made hazards, terrorism, climate-related extreme events, weather, migration, etc. for:
    • substation systems security and design;
    • HV, MV, LV grid infrastructures including platforms for TSO and DSO interaction;
    • automatic control of decentralized flexibility solutions;
    • Events resulting in cascading failures, their mitigation and prevention.
  • Application of advanced information technologies (e.g. probabilistic safety assessment, quantitative risk analysis) in system development, operation and asset management.
  • Application of digital technologies for ensuring operational data quality and demand patterns recognition improving data access and information acquisition for maintenance operators.
  • Development of shared knowledge basis within European area concerning threats, vulnerabilities, methods, not only for components but for entire systems and energy system technologies.

From the following four, proposals should include at least two:

  • Development and application of technology (e.g. blockchain) for the identification and authentication of energy IoT devices, authentication of origin in spare part management, trading certificate infrastructures, protection relay configuration and micro grid management.
  • Development, testing and demonstration of advanced intrusion detection and prevention systems for energy infrastructures including security-related data and deep learning methods.
  • Dedicated strategies for enhanced security and resilience at DSO and TSO level, including demonstration of TSO/DSO security data sharing.
  • Development and application of methodologies for automation of grid maintenance (for example through robotics), advanced human-machine interfaces, and of data validation processes automation by applying emerging technologies.

The selected projects are expected to contribute to relevant BRIDGE[[]] activities.