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Demonstration of advanced Power Electronics for application in the energy sector

The activities are intended to produce, test and validate WBG-based based switching semiconductors such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) for converter station application.

The activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Production of SiC based semiconductors for HVDC – MVDC converter applications (example for HVDC: MMC cells with SiC 3.3 kV and above, 1,5 kA and above with optimal increased switching frequency to reduce losses).
  • Converter board design and production (power and control parts installation and soldering of all components, hardware and software testing, etc.).
  • Simulation and analysis of the impact of the actual passive components used in WBG components circuitry in the above mentioned conditions; development of strategies and innovative techniques to upgrade them for better adaptation to the afore-mentioned working conditions.
  • Analysis of the impact of fast transients from power electronics on other electrical components that were not originally designed to endure such stresses.
  • Series modules assembly for converter application.
  • Simulation and real time testing and validation of the converter with WBG-based switching semiconductor.
  • Technical-economic assessment of the benefits provided by WBG-based compared to Silicon-based switching semiconductor of converters.

The consortium is expected to involve the European Commission and ECSEL JU where considered relevant.

The selected projects are expected to contribute to relevant BRIDGE[[]] activities.