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Innovative biomethane production as an energy carrier and a fuel


Proposals will demonstrate cost-effective and innovative biomethane production through thermochemical, biochemical, chemical, electrochemical, biological pathways including sustainable biomass and biogenic wastes gasification, CO2 effluents from anaerobic digestion or fermentation processes combined with renewable hydrogen or water. The biomethane production should be optimized to improve production efficiency, reduce cost, minimize GHG emissions and increase sustainability in a circularity approach for energy and material above conventional technologies of biogas upgrading to biomethane. All demonstrators should be fully and transparently documented, to ensure replicability, up-scaling and to assist future planning decisions. Demonstrating advanced technologies for efficient production at scale of biomethane will contribute to facilitate the market introduction of the biomethane technologies and the substitution of natural gas in the gas grid. This is the basis for penetration of biomethane in the energy and the transport energy systems, in particular for gas consuming sectors. It supports the European Green Deal and climate and energy targets for 2030 and the net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, while supporting the EU goals for energy independence and competitive sustainable growth.