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Technologies for creative industries, social media and convergence

Specific Challenge: The demand is growing for high-quality content and new user experiences. At the same time, thanks to ubiquitous technology adoption, widespread use of mobile devices, broadband internet penetration and increasing computing power the consumption of content anywhere, anytime and on any device is becoming a reality. Consequently, developments related to content creation, access, retrieval and interaction offer a number of opportunities and challenges, also for the creative and media industries. In order to keep pace with the trends and remain competitive, those industries need to explore new ways of creating and accessing content. The opportunity to establish new forms of content and user engagement could be transformative to many businesses in creative and media industries.

Scope: The focus is on research, development and exploitation of new or emerging technologies (e.g. 3D and augmented reality technologies) for digital content creation to support the creative and media industries and for unlocking complex information and media and interacting with them. The topic will be addressed by the following actions:

a.      Research & Innovation Actions:

Research in new technologies and tools to support creative industries in the creative process from idea conception to production. The proposed tools should explore the potential of technology to enhance the human creative process from the expression of ideas to experiment solutions. Where possible, collaboration and user-community interaction should be improved based on research leading to a deeper understanding of the dynamics of co-creative processes. The tools should be cost effective, intuitive, and be demonstrated in real-life environments relevant for the creative industries (such as advertising, architecture, arts, design, fashion, films, music, publishing, video games, TV and radio).

b.      Innovation Actions

Demonstration of the viability of new technologies and validation of innovative solutions through large scale demonstrations, pilots or testing of use cases so as to guarantee sustainable deployment that facilitate convergence and integration between broadcasting, broadband Internet-based services, audio-visual and social media. Multimodal and multidisciplinary approaches for searching technologies responding to the new demands from the content side (3D, user-generated, real-time media, social media,…) and from the user context (context-centric, semantic, relevant community feed-back,…).

This also includes new forms of experiencing environments (immersive, surrounding, multisensory and interactive, in any device, always connected).

c.       Coordination and Support Actions on Convergence and Social Media

         Facilitate research and policy exchange in Convergence and Social Media: increased awareness of latest technological developments and research results among policy stakeholders and increased awareness of current and future policy and regulatory framework among researchers.

         Support R&D programmes/activities, dissemination of results and organisation of scientific and/or policy events in Convergence and Social Media. Analysis and development of research agendas and roadmaps, pre-standardisation initiatives and stakeholder coordination in Convergence and Social Media

Expected impact:

Research & Innovation Actions

         Validated novel ICT technologies and tools supporting the creation process and delivering measurable benefits for the creative industries as regards time and resource investment, and quality of output.

Innovation and Support Actions

         Development of new services as a consequence of the convergence of broadband, broadcast and social media.

         Further development of user experience in immersive environments and social media, especially in any device and mobile environments.

Types of action:

a.       Research & Innovation Actions – Proposals requesting a Small contribution are expected

b.      Innovation Actions – Proposals requesting a Small contribution are expected

c.       Coordination and Support Actions