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Linking Clinical Neuropsychiatry and Quantitative Neurobiology

Specific Challenge The challenge is to initiate the process to move towards a quantitative biology based framework for neuropsychiatry disorders. This is needed both to reverse the stagnation in treatment development of classical psychiatric disorders, and to address the need to treat neuropsychiatric issues associated with the increasing burden of neurodegenerative disease. Scope The overall scope will be to explore the same set of quantifiable biological parameters across selected symptom constellations common to distinctly classified syndromes by classical taxonomy.

These studies would be driven from clinical quantitative biology back through appropriate translation to the measurement of homologous pre-clinical quantitative biological indices. Expected Impact New classification of the disease for stratification of patients to facilitate more effective treatment and design of clinical trials, including the standardisation of measurement across sites.

Identification of best predictive systems- clinical, non-clinical and pre-clinical – to explore the underlying biological process for identification and development of novel therapies or targets Budget IMI contribution: EUR 8 080 000

EFPIA contribution: EUR 8 080 000

Total: EUR 16 160 000