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Support to disruptive innovation in clean energy technologies

This action shall support the implementation of the pilot on 'disruptive innovation in clean energy technologies'. This pilot aims to crack specific technological challenges, while emphasising societal impact and market relevance. Projects selected under this pilot will follow a stage-gate approach based on milestones and periodic reviews.

This action shall support selected projects under topic LC-SC3-RES-2-2018 during their lifetime with continuous innovation and business development, including completing the market uptake supply chain, with the aim to strengthen the consortium's innovation performance. During the first 6 months of the projects' lifetime, the action shall perform a deep-dive assessment of the feasibility and innovation potential of the proposed solution or application, analysing a.o. the business and innovation strategy, the technology readiness level of the proposed application, the consortium's freedom to operate (e.g. background, foreground, IP), and the market. Since the action is part of a pilot, the assessment of 'lessons learned' will be a key deliverable. The beneficiary shall establish appropriate confidentiality and conflict of interest procedures for carrying out the related activities.

The standard evaluation criteria, thresholds, weighting for award criteria and the maximum rate of co-financing for this type of action are provided in parts D and H of the General Annexes.

This activity directly aimed at supporting the development and implementation of evidence base for R&I policies and supporting various groups of stakeholders is excluded from the delegation to Executive Agencies and will be implemented by the Commission services.

This grant will be awarded without call for proposals in line with Article 190(1)(e) of the Rules of applications of Regulation (EU, Euratom) 966/2012, Regulation No 1268/2012 and Article 11(2) of the Rules for participation and dissemination in ""Horizon 2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020)"", Regulation (EU) No 1290/2013.