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Developing long-term monitoring and evaluation frameworks for the Common Agricultural Policy

The project will support the long-term development of monitoring and evaluation frameworks for agricultural policy. Insofar as it is possible these frameworks will be based on context, results and impact indicators and reflect the need for modernisation, simplification and accuracy. The project will establish an inventory of indicators, proxies and data needs which would allow for a better targeting of agricultural policy, in social, environmental and economic terms. The consortium will rely on the input of the relevant scientific disciplines and administrations.

The project should explore how the identified data needs can be met. A strong scientific basis, combined with technical knowledge and support from the ICT and other relevant sectors should allow the exploration of advanced and innovative data capturing methods. These methods will: (a) rely on a combination of different sources, for example combining satellite data with on the ground sensors or data captured by drones; (b) where possible be automated and/or rely on platforms, sensors or other systems already in place, while anticipating future needs; (c) respect other economic or social needs such as a good cost-benefit ratio and respect for privacy.

The project will identify the most promising pathways for managing future data flows between the private sector, Member States and the EU (a) aiming at a mutualisation of resources and (b) allowing for a better use of the data and information beyond policy monitoring and evaluation. Needs at farm level should also be covered, for instance enhanced possibilities for e-declarations, one-stop data entries, integration of field and administrative data, or on-the-fly automatic information retrieval from clouds.

The project will take into account existing relevant initiatives and methods and consider what is developed by the following projects: Recap, BEACON, CAPSELLA, SENSAGRI, Sen4Cap, as well as the projects selected under RUR-03-2018: Contracts for effective and lasting delivery of agri-environmental goods, RUR-20-2018: Digital solutions and e-tools to modernise the CAP and DT-ICT-08-2019: Agricultural digital integration platforms.

The Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU of up to EUR 2 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

The proposed Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the period post-2020 assigns a prominent role to the use of indicators for the preparation of the CAP plans and for the monitoring of the policy. While the decision-making process on the legislative proposals for the Multiannual Financial Framework and related preparatory work are on-going, Research and Innovation Actions should pave the way for longer-term modernisation of monitoring and evaluation.

Support the development monitoring and evaluation frameworks of the CAP but also of other EU and national policies (e.g. environmental policies):

  • in order to achieve a better targeting of policy measures;
  • establish an inventory of data needs and potential solutions to fill in these needs;
  • develop a roadmap and explore a potential initiative with Member States on research and innovation in the domain
  • further harmonise Member States monitoring and evaluation frameworks, including indicators, the underpinning data flows and measuring methods.