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Creating an open market place for industrial data (RIA)

Proposals must address all the areas below:

  • Build an effective information system based on a widely agreed standardised data documentation ensuring semantic interoperability using metadata and a widely agreed ontology for the domains covered by this work programme;
  • Encourage sharing of data and population of the information system with an ontology-based documentation of distributed open and confidential databases
  • Facilitate and demonstrate collaboration by creating a collaborative space using existing generic data platforms (e.g. created in Call ICT-13-2018-2019, DT-NMBP-20-2018) that can operate based on the agreed ontology;
  • Facilitate extracting, analysing and re-using of the data with modern data processing technologies e.g. Artificial Intelligence;
  • Provide innovative trainings and manuals for the use of the market place and its data documentation;
  • Deliver at least five business-to-business success stories based on data sharing and launch three hackathons targeted at innovators and young people;
  • Develop a business model for the maintenance of the market place demonstrating its sustainability beyond the funding period.

In order to ensure adoption of the standardised data documentation by third parties, proposals should foresee a dedicated work package for cooperation with projects under topic NMBP-39-2020 amongst others, and earmark appropriate resources.

Proposals submitted under this topic should include a business case and exploitation strategy, as outlined in the Introduction to the LEIT part of this Work Programme.

Activities should start at TRL 3 and achieve TRL 6 at the end of the project.

The Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU around EUR 4 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

In line with the objectives of Open Science and Open Innovation, the challenge is to make data FAIR through an effective common information system that allows in particular business-to-business data sharing and enables new or improved products, processes and services. Such a system should take the form of a user-friendly, state-of-the-art marketplace that is open to all providers and users of data to maximise the spill over of knowledge across all economic sectors.

The marketplace[[Data marketplace – An online platform where companies can share freely, buy and sell data. The data marketplace connects data suppliers and data users and thereby acts as an intermediary in the transaction of the data.

]] should be based on standardised documentation of data, agreed ontologies as gradually provided by NMBP-39-2020 (Towards Standardised Documentation of Data through taxonomies and ontologies) and be flexible to adapt to the emerging developments of Industry Commons.

Proposals must address all the following impact criteria, providing metrics to measure success where appropriate:

  • An operational and accessible, user-friendly open market place for data, knowledge, tools and services to enable new or improved products, processes and services for any sector of the economy;
  • Increased collaboration and trust between data suppliers and data users gaining also a competitive advantage for them;
  • Increased diffusion and creation of new market opportunities and new solutions by facilitating data based innovation across the economy;
  • Improved effectiveness and responsiveness of decision-making, in particular based on materials, product and process information;
  • Improved quality by design reducing the costs and time to market and speeding up the rate of industrial transformation to high-added-value products.