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FP7-EURATOM-FUSION - EURATOM: Fusion Energy Research

Fusion energy research

Overall objective

Developing the knowledge base for, and realising ITER as a major step towards, the creation of prototype reactors for power stations that are safe, sustainable, environmentally responsible, and economically viable.


1. Realisation of ITER

The Community has a special responsibility within the ITER Organisation as the host of the project and has a leading role, particularly regarding the governance of the ITER International Organisation, management and staffing, plus general technical and administrative support.
Community participation in ITER as a Party will include further contributions to the construction of equipment and installations needed at the ITER site, and to support the project during construction.
The R & D activities in support of ITER construction will be carried out in the Fusion Associations and European industries. They will include the development and testing of components and systems.

2. R & D in preparation of ITER operation

A focused physics and technology programme will aim to consolidate ITER project choices and prepare for the rapid start-up of ITER operation. It will be carried out through coordinated experimental, theoretical and modelling activities using the JET facilities and other relevant experimental and computational devices. It will ensure that Europe has the necessary impact on the ITER project, and will prepare for a strong European role in its exploitation.

3. Limited technology activities to prepare for DEMO

Key technologies and materials required for the licensing, construction and operation of the DEMO power plant will be further developed in the Fusion Associations and industry in order to test them in ITER and to position European industry to be able to construct DEMO and develop future fusion power plants.

4. R & D activities for the longer term

Building on the activities specifically concerning ITER and DEMO, the specific programme will develop competences and enlarge the knowledge base in fields strategically relevant to future fusion power stations. These research activities will enhance the technical feasibility and economic viability of fusion power.

5. Human resources, education and training — building the ‘ITER Generation’

Ensuring adequate human resources and a high level of cooperation within the fusion thematic area, both for the immediate and medium term needs of ITER, and for the further development of fusion.
The realisation of ITER in Europe, within the international framework provided by the ITER Organisation, will add to the new research infrastructures with a strong European dimension.

7. Technology transfer, industry involvement and innovation

ITER will require a new and more flexible organisational structure to enable the resulting innovation and technological progress to be swiftly transferred to industry, thus enabling European industry to become more competitive.



1 January 2007


31 December 2011

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€ 1947 million

Official Journal reference:

L 400 of 2006-12-30

Legislative reference:

2006/976/EC of 2006-12-19