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Whole-Systems Energy Transparency

Project description

FET Proactive: Minimising Energy Consumption of Computing to the Limit (MINECC)

This project proposes an energy-aware system development approach covering hardware, software and the run-time environment. The central goal is to make energy usage transparent through the system layers, thus enabling optimizations both during code development and at run-time.
The project work packages will develop novel program analysis and energy modelling techniques. Tools incorporating these techniques will enable energy optimizations both during code development and at run-time, helping to promote energy efficiency to a first-class software design objective. The project will also develop a concept of optimality and a set of benchmarks allowing measurement of energy efficiency with respect to the minimal energy achievable by optimal utilization of existing hardware.
Lack of energy transparency in today's system development tools means that much of the potential energy saving available from power-efficient hardware is wasted. The project departs from the approach of today's systems and development tools because energy transparency is at odds with a basic principle in modern software engineering - the desire to abstract away machine-level details in high-level code in the interests of portability, understandability and software reuse. By contrast, energy transparency requires making visible the effects of energy-saving features of modern processors.
The project targets outcome (c) of Objective ICT-2011.9.8 namely to address software models and programming methodologies supporting the strive for the energetic limit (e.g. energy cost awareness or exploiting the trade-off between energy and performance/precision).

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