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SmartAgriFood2 is a a phase 3 FI-PPP project supporting SMEs in the development of smart services and applications for the agri-food sector based on the validation and use of results from the SmartAgriFood (Phase 1) and FI-Space (Phase 2) FI PPP projects

Project description

Expansion of Use Cases

Food security, environmental sustainability and food safety are pressing global challenges. Smart Farming, which intelligently combines sensor-based data services and ICT applications, can contribute significantly to meeting these challenges. However, developments in smart farming are hampered by roadblocks such as lack of data sharing beyond national/regional borders, interoperability issues and lack of infrastructure investment. The FI-PPP phase 1 project programme SmartAgriFood1 developed a conceptual, cloud-based architecture for Smart Farming based on FI-Ware Generic Enablers. The Phase 2 project FIspace delivered a fully-functional FI platform for business collaboration with a small number of Apps showcasing how this will work. The aim of SmartAgriFood2 is to further leverage the ecosystem that was established in these projects to support SMEs and web-entrepreneurs in developing a large number of smart farming FI services and applications with high end user takeup. This will be achieved through an open call (4M€) for application development, in particular for the arable, livestock and horticulture farming subsectors. The call will be jointly coordinated with ICT-AGRI ERA-NET through which additional European regional funds will be leveraged (>1.5M€). SMEs and web entrepreneurs will be assisted in the commercialisation and development of European wide end-user markets for their new applications. The focus of the project will be on the implementation of a milestone and mentoring programme involving guidance of SMEs by FI-PPP, agri-ICT and exploitation experts. This programme consists of three progressive stages, where only the most successfully evaluated SMEs will proceed and secure funding for subsequent stages. Optimal impact will be achieved by utilising partners' expertise in open call management, their excellent networks in the agri-food sector and particularly the EBN network reaching >65.000 innovative start-ups and >250.000 SMEs across Europe.

Call for proposal

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€ 3 980 465,00
6708 PB Wageningen

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George Beers (Dr.)
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