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Production improvement by new optimised method in wood quality control and cutting with an high-performance on-line system


The expected achievements have been reached with the realization of a demonstrator capable of detecting wood defects on both surfaces by means of Radio Frequency (RF) scanner and RGB video system; it also works with rough finishing of timber surfaces. There's a great reduction of the overall amount of data maintaining high image resolution and this allows high working speed. The images are usually independent by wood colours and are not affected by the dirty on the surfaces and by wood dust. Sometime the images are affected by these external factors and the expected results for the data fusion have not been reached completely because of the false alarms generated. This was verified mainly from RGB system.
A multisensor system for real time inspection of wood especially suited for online quality control of wood is proposed. Multiple sensor data are processed by means of fusion techniques to obtain the most amount of significant information of the inspected samples. The system produces fast decision for action to be performed in order to drive a cutting plant according to production flexible rules. Working demonstrator is planned for quality control. The main goals of the PINOCCHIO will be performing ones: l)Reduce level of uncertainties with respect to human inspection. 2)Detect and localise wood internal defects. 3)Reduce the wood waste. 4)Increase yield. 5)Drive cutting machine and optimise its timer. 6)Reduce the production cost. 7)Obtain customise system thank to modular and flexible architecture.


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