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Advanced man-machine interfaces for robot system applications


The general objective of AMIRA is to develop the next generation of advanced man-machine interfaces for robot system applications. The latest available user interface technology, like graphical user interface, hypertext and multimedia, will be the basic platform for the design and implementation of new user interface concepts.

A main goal is to implement easy-to-use interfaces and support tools for an efficient application of robot systems and robotised workcells. This contains robot and PLC functionality. For this reason, the robot application will be analysed from an end-user point of view, and for each application, interfaces will be developed suited optimally to the end-user needs. The implemented user interfaces will be tested and verified in industrial environments.

Subsequently, the main objectives of AMIRA are the following:
- development of a visual programming environment which enables task program generation without knowledge on the native language of the control system,
- development of advanced interfaces for easy system operation,
- development of advanced interfaces for production monitoring and adaptation of process parameters to changes in the environment,
- development of graphical interfaces for easy integration and configuring of external equipment (end-effectors like welding torch, TCP parameters, etc.),
- development of advanced interfaces for service and user support,
- development of multimedia based tools for interactive training.

All these developments will be implemented as prototypes and validated in an industrial environment.

The objectives will be met via the co-operation of partners having the knowledge and experience to cover all aspects of user interface and software technologies, customer support, designing, developing, implementing, manufacturing, and robotised manufacturing systems. A common user interface style guide, which will be developed and specified in the project, has the potential to become a de facto European industry standard. This will lead to an improvement of the competitiveness of European companies.

The expected project results are the following:
- prototype software components of advanced user interfaces for robot applications (e.g. visual language for robot programming, hypertext based user support, multimedia based training),
- user interface development methods and tools adopted to the requirements of control systems,
- specification of interfaces and integration procedures into control systems,
- common user interface (UI) style guide as a de facto European industry standard,
- verified specifications agreed on a European level, as proposals for international standardisation.

It is expected that the project results will lead to innovative solutions for man-machine interfaces for robots and robotised workcells. Beside the direct goal of supplying easy-to-use and easy-to learn systems, the application of advanced user interface UI technologies (e.g. multimedia, hypertext) will lead to innovations in the supplier-customer relation (e.g. new services via information networks).


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