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Enabling Robot and assisted living environment for Independent Care and Health Monitoring of the Elderly


ENRICHME Networked Care Platform

The functioning ENRICHME platform is delivered on M17. Revised version will be delivered on M28.

Implementation of services for assisted living

The Ambient Intelligence software of the ENRICHME system is delivered on M17. Revised verson will be delivered on M28.

Report on testing in AAL laboratories

This report will describe the testing activities and summarize the achievements, findings and analysed results of these testing activities.

User manual

User manual with operational flow will be given to all the people involved in the study.

Ethical and legal issue report

It will explore all the relevant ethical and legal issues at national and international level. It will contains also the legal documents for users involvement and the template of informed consent form and its translations)

Plan for the exploitation and dissemination of the results

The document will be yearly reviewed and updated with plan and strategies in exploitation and dissemination activities. Revised version is delivered on M25. Final version is delivered on M36.

DMP report

The agreed data Management procedure will be described at M6. At month M20 is planned a document revision. Revised version is delivered on M26.

Testing activities protocol

It contains the testing activities protocol, the informed consent and legal documents to be submitted to the local ethical committee for users’ involvement in testing activities. It is delivered on M7. Revised version will be delivered on M25.

ENRICHME User Requirements Report

It will report the user abilities, preferences and needs identifying the possible uses cases.

Validation report

It will describe the validation activities and summarize achievements. The results of validation activities are analysed.

Ethical and legal issues final report

Starting from D1.2, it contains all the relevant updates in matter of ethical and legal issues at national and international level. It describes also the actions done throughout the project to comply and respect them. If any, it will contain also integrative documents required by the local ethical committee related to the clinical protocol, patient information, patient consent, privacy and their approval.

ENRICHME prototypes

2 ENRICHME prototypes will be delivered by PAL for the testing activities in AAL facilities on M26.

Release of ENRICHME systems

The system improvement done in parallel with the testing in AAL laboratories will allow the release of 6 complete ENRICHME systems to be used in the validation phase.

Production of ENRICHME video

A professional demo video describing the system and the explanation of how the system works and the anticipated benefits to the society will be produced.

ENRICHME logo and website

An ENRICHME recognizable logo will be published. Friendly website will be a public one with private access to confidential documents. The initial version of the project website will include at least the project’s Research Objectives and contact details. ENRICHME website will be continuously enhanced throughout the project to include public downloadable results and links to related news and initiatives.

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