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Diabetes Reversing Implants with enhanced Viability and long-term Efficacy


Outcomes of patients and citizens panel’s report

In order to link DRIVE to society through science-society dialogues on chances, risks and ethical aspects of DRIVE, patient and citizen panels will be organised in the framework of WP8. In order to overcome the classical one-way communication with scientists in the role of experts providing information and public in the role of lay-people receiving information, engaging in a two-way dialogue at eye level between scientists and patients/public is DRIVE’s goal.

Report on patient advocacy activities

DRIVE is committed to supporting diabetes patient advocacy groups across the consortiums member countries and indeed across Europe. This task will be managed by NUIG and contributed to by all DRIVE partners who will contact the major diabetes patient advocacy groups in their home countries. The DRIVE consortium will raise the awareness of the importance of diabetes as a problem in modern society through the participation in public events, open lectures and free to attend conferences and support the lobbying of governments by advocacy groups for increased funding towards diabetes research and diabetes services for patients.

Dissemination and Data Management Plan (DMP) and introductory project dissemination material

This task will be initiated by the development of a dissemination and Data Management Plan (DMP), agreed among the partners, that will describe the data to be generated, how they will be recorded, collected, processed, curated, reported and archived and how they will be made accessible for use. INN will have the responsibility to set up this plan which will be approved by the General Assembly.

Project website

A project website will be set up by INN to support the dissemination activities of the project, providing up-to-date information about the project and its results to the public .


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