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EMSO implementation and operation: DEVelopment of instrument module


Data Management Plan

This document describes the data management plan for data acquired, processed, archived and distributed during the whole project lifecycle. This includes data policies, IPR issues, trustworthiness, interoperability.

Tender Issue

This deliverable includes all the documentation required for issuing the tender.

Workshop on Scientific Requirements

In the framework of Task 2.2 a workshop will be dedicated to update the generic parameter list. The needs of scientists and public/private users, the present situation in terms of sensors already in place in the various nodes as well as the sensor maturity will be discussed and documented.

EGIM and EGIM Software Package users

The report will outline the EMSO data adding value to key communities and stakeholders.

Business Case studies

The document will describe the cases studies of specific product or service delivered by SME’s to a particular sector with the business case.

Report on technology transfer activities

This document will report examples of effective technology transfer within the ocean observatory sector involving EMSO ERIC.

Dissemination plan

The document will outline the overall strategy for the dissemination of the project results.

Data management platform architecture design

This document defines and describes the architecture of the data management platform and its underlying infrastructure. This includes the specification of all the services and their interfaces provided by the data management platform implemented in Task6.3, as well as the tools built in Task6.4 and Regional Data Services implemented in Task6.5.

Report on the dissemination activities

This report will summarise the main outcomes of the dissemination activities.

Report on Procurement Activities

This report describes the outcomes of the procurement activity (Task 5.2).

Overall Validation Report and Best Practices

This report describes the activities and outcomes of the deployment and validation at the selected EMSO sites. This includes updating best practices and user manuals for future applications.

Site Selection Report

This report describes the site selection, based on the identified criteria in Task 5.1.

Final Data management platform and tools implementation

This is the final result of the Task6.3 and Task6.4, that includes the final release of infrastructure, data management platform and tools.

Data management platform infrastructure setup and mid-term data platform and tools implementation

This is the result of Task6.3 and Task6.4, that is: i) setup of infrastructure; ii) implementation of the mid-term data management platform and its services; iii) implementation of the mid-term release of the tools.

Data interoperability and access services

This is the result of the Task6.5, that is the set of Regional Data Services. These provide archived data from Regional EMSO Nodes to the Data Management Platform.

Project video

A video will be produced to disseminate the results to policy makers and to the general public.

Communication material

The communication material will include Logo, Brochure, Roll-up and posters, Standard Power Point and Website.


Interoperable data management and instrument control experiences with the EMSO generic instrument module at OBSEA

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Sensor Metadata for Automated Integration of Sensor Resources into Research Data Infrastructures

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European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and Water column Observatory for DEVelopment, The set-up of an interoperable Generic Instrument Module

Author(s): Juanjo Danobeitia, Óscar García, Rafael Bartolomé, Jordi Sorribas, Joaquín Del Rio, Javier Cadena, Daniel Mihai Toma, Ikram Bghiel, Enoc Martinez, Raul Bardaji, Jaume Piera, Paolo Favali, Laura Beranzoli4, Jean Francois Rolin,Bertrand Moreau, Nadine Lanteri, Julien Legrand, Pasquale Andriani, Vasilios Lykousis, Joaquin Hernandez Brito Henry Ruhl, Mick Gillooly, Pedro Terrinha, Vlad Radulescu,
Published in: Poster IN31D-1776, AGU Fall meeting, 14-16 Dec, 2016, 2016
Publisher: AGU fall meeting

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