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Speed-Information Tradeoffs: Beyond Quasi-Entropy Analysis

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Sparse Linear Networks with a Fixed Butterfly Structure: Theory and Practice

Author(s): Nir Ailon, Omer Leibovitch, Vineet Nair
Published in: 2021

Budgeted and Non-budgeted Causal Bandits

Author(s): Vineet Nair, Vishakha Patil, Gaurav Sinha
Published in: 2021

Strategic Classification in the Dark

Author(s): Ganesh Ghalme, Vineet Nair, Itay Eilat, Inbal Talgam-Cohen, and Nir Rosenfeld
Published in: 2021

The Space Complexity of Sum Labelling

Author(s): Henning Fernau, Kshitij Gajjar
Published in: 2021

Fix your classifier: the marginal value of training the last weight layer

Author(s): Elad Hoffer, Itay Hubara, Daniel Soudry
Published in: International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) 2019, Issue This is an annual conference. 2018 was the 6th time., 2018

Randomized polynomial-time equivalence between determinant and trace-IMM equivalence tests

Author(s): Janaky Murthy, Vineet Nair, Chandan Saha
Published in: 2020

State-Visitation Fairness in Average-Reward MDPs

Author(s): Ganesh Ghalme, Vineet Nair, Vishakha Patil, Yilun Zhou
Published in: 2020

Generalized Parametric Path Problems

Author(s): Kshitij Gajjar, Girish Varma, Prerona Chatterjee, Jaikumar Radhakrishnan
Published in: 2021

A New and Flexible Approach to the Analysis of Paired Comparison Data

Author(s): Ivo F. D. Oliveira, Nir Ailon, Ori Davidov
Published in: JMLR, Issue Volume 19, Number 60, 2018, Page(s) 1=20, ISSN 1533-7928

Paraunitary Matrices, Entropy, Algebraic Condition Number and Fourier Computation

Author(s): Nir Ailon
Published in: Theoretical Computer Science, 2020, ISSN 0304-3975