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Temperatures, ash and soil hydrology: predicting fire impact from plant traits

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Fire effects on soil properties. Chapter XV. Soil heating

Author(s): C.R. Stoof
Published in: Fire effects on soil properties, February 2019, 2019, Page(s) Chapter 15, ISBN 9781-486308132
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

HESS Opinions: Science in today's media landscape – challenges and lessons from hydrologists and journalists

Author(s): Stefanie R. Lutz, Andrea Popp, Tim van Emmerik, Tom Gleeson, Liz Kalaugher, Karsten Möbius, Tonie Mudde, Brett Walton, Rolf Hut, Hubert Savenije, Louise J. Slater, Anna Solcerova, Cathelijne R. Stoof, Matthias Zink
Published in: Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 22/7, 2018, Page(s) 3589-3599, ISSN 1607-7938
Publisher: Copernicus
DOI: 10.5194/hess-22-3589-2018

Flooded by jargon: how the interpretation of water-related terms differs between hydrology experts and the general audience

Author(s): Gemma J. Venhuizen, Rolf Hut, Casper Albers, Cathelijne R. Stoof, Ionica Smeets
Published in: Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 23/1, 2019, Page(s) 393-403, ISSN 1607-7938
Publisher: Copernicus Publications
DOI: 10.5194/hess-23-393-2019

Soil lacquer peel do-it-yourself: simply capturing beauty

Author(s): Cathelijne R. Stoof, Jasper H. J. Candel, Laszlo A. G. M. van der Wal, Gert Peek
Published in: SOIL, 5/2, 2019, Page(s) 159-175, ISSN 2199-398X
Publisher: Copernicus Publications
DOI: 10.5194/soil-5-159-2019