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A DECentralIzed management Scheme for Innovative Valorization of urban biowastE


State-of-the-art of communication materials and incentive methods and Communication materials and incentives proposal

Report on the state-of-the-art of different communication activities and incentives applied in relation to biowaste collection and treatment. Proposal of concrete communication materials and incentives to be applied in WP62

Report on communication actions and incentives implemented

numberof actions, type of public, results

Minutes of the Kick-off meeting

Minutes of the meeting that will launch the project and precise all the managment procedures to partners

Report on results for household food waste collection and decentralized shreeding in the „Lübeck-case“

Documentation and evaluation of results of the collection and shredding tests in the eco-innovative city quarter Lübeck-Flintenbreite. Suggestions for further procedures.

Project quality manual

description of procedures for the control of the quality of the deliverables

Protocol of the strategies to develop a sustainable long-time SSF at bench scale

Synthesis of process management protocols to optimized SSF at bench scale

Project risk register template

list of risks identified for the project and mathod to follow them and up-date them

report on the system simulation for the LYON and CATALONIA case

Result of the application of the methodology for the planning of decentralized biowaste managementon demonstration locations

Methodology for the planning of decentralised biowaste management

comprehensive report with a description of the methodology created.

Communication and dissemination strategy

Project communication and dissemination plan

Report on pre-defined specification for micro-AD

report including a state of the art of regulatory, safety and sanitary constraints, an analysis of ergonomic and logistic constraints to ensure social acceptance of the process, a sizing of the future prototype based on energetic prevised performance.

Survey on waste collection systems with evaluations for decentralized applications

Description and evaluation of state-of-the-art and innovative waste collection systems considering the capability for the concerned decentralized schemes. Determination of critical technical and socio-material factors for source-separation in households and commerce’s connected with new decentralized collection schemes.

Visual identity and communication tools

Logo, project brochure and project documents’ templates

Documentation of models for decentralised biowaste collection chains with a waste collection database for representative situations

Documentation of detailed collection chain models from the source to the decentralized anaerob digestion facilities for different situations representative for European regions based on in-depth understanding of technical and socio-material conditions for decentralized biowaste valorization. The chains will also consider stakeholders interactions and processes constraints. List of the key parameters for the database with explanations. Documentation on profiled European regions situations in terms of waste collection procedures. Excel-based easy to use PC-database for waste collection parameters. Two practice examples for data collection procedures.

Set of criteria for the selection of locations where the planning methodology could be applied

report with a definition of the criteria proposed for the selection of the tested locations

Field test report

Performance on field cultures of biopesticides and farming amendments from the SSF process

Results of the spatial approach for designing the decentralised urban biowaste valorization network

Results obtained for 3 real scale projects and the concept case (Metropolitan area HAMBURG)

project presentation video

Video presenting the project, to be disseminate on-line

Project website

Project public website online to inform on the project

Decision support tool for decentralised biowaste management

web based tool that allows registered users to apply the methodology elaborated in a simple way.

User's manual for the decision tool

manual to support the use of the website tool.

ORDP - data Management Plan

Description of the Data concerned by open data process, interoperability, sharing policy, etc. for all the spatial datasets generated by the project

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Environmental-Economic Analysis of Integrated Organic Waste and Wastewater Management Systems: A Case Study from Aarhus City (Denmark)

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Microbial Strategies for Cellulase and Xylanase Production through Solid-State Fermentation of Digestate from Biowaste

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