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Reuse of Tyre Fibres for Fire-Spalling-Proof Concrete

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Fire Protection of Concrete Tunnel Linings with Waste Tyre Fibres

Author(s): Fabio P. Figueiredo, Asif Hussain Shah, Shan-Shan Huang, Harris Angelakopoulos, Kypros Pilakoutas, Ian Burgess
Published in: Procedia Engineering, 210, 2017, Page(s) 472-478, ISSN 1877-7058
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2017.11.103

Mitigation of concrete spalling in fire using recycled fibres from waste tyres

Author(s): Fabio P. Figueiredo Shan-Shan Huang Harris Angelakopoulos Kypros Pilakoutas Ian Burgess
Published in: 2017
Publisher: Doppiavoce

Recycled Tyre Polymer Fibres to Mitigate Heat-induced Spalling of Concrete

Author(s): Fabio Figueiredo Ieuan Rickard Asif Hussain Shah Shan-Shan Huang Harris Angelakopoulos Luke Bisby Ian Burgess Kypros Pilakoutas
Published in: 2017
Publisher: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden