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Big data meeting Cloud and IoT for empowering the citizen clout in smart cities


Data collection tools and architecture

Report describing data collection tools and integration into overall architecture with analysis of requirements and overall system design for flow based programming and design of the self-aware mechanisms for adaptability and dependability.

Second year update dissemination and exploitation plan

It will update the progress on activities for the second year.

Analysis of existing reusable European and Japanese assets

This deliverable will contain the description of existing assets from both EU and JP side (partners assets, SOTA technologies, open source components, etc.) and provide a SWOT analysis for the reusability of those assets.

Citizen centric use cases and requirements

This deliverable will provide a selection of use cases from the partner cities, which will be identified by taking into account citizens’ real needs and requirements.

Self-aware distributed city data platform – first release

This deliverable will provide the description of the data collection and software tools including data distribution and the self-aware mechanisms for adaptability and dependability.

Initial pilot operation plan

Common pilot approach including details of the strategy for involving citizens in the design, personal data management, the actual trials and the evaluation phases.

Big Data Analytics Framework report - first release

This deliverable consists in a technical report of the first version of the Big Data Analytics Framework.

First year update to the dissemination and exploitation plan including first progress on business models

It will update the initial dissemination and exploitation plan and progress on activities. It will also include an updated version of the market analysis, stakeholder analysis, competitors analysis, value proposition and business model using as starting point the results of the ClouT project.

First BigClouT architecture

This deliverable will provide the first version of the BigClouT architecture, describing its components and relations amongst them.

Final pilot operation plan

This deliverable will contain the update to the pilot operation approach initially planned based on the feedbacks from the interactions with the citizens, cities and the technical work packages.

Updated use cases, requirements and architecture

This deliverable will provide the final choice of the use cases, as well as the second and final iteration of the requirements and architecture specification. The final version will take into account the feedback and lessons learnt during the developments of the first year.

Big Data Analytics Framework Architecture

This deliverable contains a report about the logical architecture of the tools and frameworks of this work package.

Big Data Analytics Framework Prototype

This deliverable consists in the first release of the Big Data Analytics Framework.

Self-aware programmable city data platform - demonstration

This deliverable will demonstrate the self-aware city data platform integrating data collection and software tools, self-adaptability and dependability properties and its integration with the programming tools.

Distributed data flow programming tool

This deliverable will provide the description of the programming tool incorporating FOG/Cloudlets components.

Integrated use cases and first large-scale deployments and experimentation

It will provide the prototypes showcasing the implementation and experimentation of the integrated application scenarios as live trials in the associated cities. The prototypes will have a number of internal releases corresponding to the development progress but will be demonstrated at the project review meeting.

Data collection and redistribution framework - demonstration

First demonstrator of data collection and software tools including data distribution

Visual Identity and project website

This deliverable will set-up the communication toolkit and banding around the BigClouT project as well as an initial version of the project Website containing all public information on the project objectives, partners and workplan.

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Recency-based Candidate Selection for Efficient Entity Linking

GANonymizer: Image Anonymization Method Integrating Object Detection and Generative Adversarial Network

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An Index-based Secure Query Processing Scheme for Outsourced Databases

CityFlow: exploiting edge computing for large scale smart city applications

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