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Arrhythmias monitoring and comprehensive care


Report on the training sessions for Engaging personnel involved in the tender preparation

In order to support the procurers in the tendering process several training/workshop sessions are planned to reveal the knowledge insight the procuring organization, to provide guidance on topics where less expertise is available, and to increase acceptance among professionals involved in the service delivery. Topics that will be part of the training are: • Explanation about the project and the goal that each procurer is trying to achieve • Legal advice in relation to PPI pilots • Support in drafting the tenders in a way that innovation is encouraged • Support in defining the right Key Performance Indicators These training sessions will be carried out by the knowledge partners in the project supported by experts that will be subcontracted to provide specific input relevant for the training sessions. Overall goal of these sessions is “acceptance by engagement”. By involving the persons that take part in writing the tender as well as the persons involved in the actual service delivery a clear message is sent that they are valued and play an important role in this process. The employees that take part in the service delivery are the ambassadors of the change that will be set into motion by RITMOCORE. To have them supporting the new service delivery will have a positive effect on the acceptance of the services by patients. This material will be used as an addition to the material developed in task 5.2 to support to assist the promotion of the innovative care model and the related technological solutions in the domain, across interested procurers

RITMOCORE handbook and guidelines

RITMOCORE handbook and guidelines to be delivered on month 18 A second version will be delivered by month 69


It includes the RITMO-CBC, the Common Business Case on the Integrated Care for Arrhythmias RITMO-EST (i.e. the European Specification Template on the Integrated Care for Arrhythmias). M6 internal release within WP2, M40 final release in WP5)

RITMOCORE Policy Brief on regulatory issues and economic factors

RITMOCORE Policy Brief on regulatory issues and economic factors Will be delivered on month 24 and a updated version on month 69

The RITMOCORE Common challenge and Business Case

Detailed description of the Business case and the Common Challenge for RITMOCORE. More precisely, the deliverable will compile the functionalities derived from the common challenge and the case and highlighting to what extend different care levels or facilities are involved, with a special focus on the primary care settings and referral community hospitals.

RITMOCORE exploitation plan

This working document will define the strategy for scaling up the model to other fields of healthcare and localities This deliverable will include also an update of the networking plan D15

Dissemination plan and overview of dissemination activities

Dissemination plan and overview of dissemination activities. Will be delivered on 2, 13, 25, 37, 50.

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