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FLying ultrA-broadband single-shot InfraRed sensor


FLAIR dissemination and communication kit

comprising narrative text, photographs, slides and any other suitable dissemination and communication material (e.g. press releases, brochures, leaflets, factsheets, newsletters, posters, videos, …) complemented with copyright licences for the European Commission and for Photonics21

Data Management plan

report on how project generated data will be managed

Report on the list of relevant input parameters for WP4

document compiling the parameters derived in Task 3.1

Project summary

report summarizing project objectives, concept and approach and expected results.

FLAIR dissemination and communication strategy

document laying out the plan for communication - main messages, target audiences, event calendar, instruments and metrics

Test plan and validation methods

report compiling descriptions of tests to be performed to validate FLAIR

List of sensor system technical requirements

report compiling the requirements derived in Task2.2

Test gas cell for the test and validation phase (WP6)

report describing the approach, methodology and results of the gas cell development

Communication activities report 1

report on all dissemination and outreach activities of the project during the first year

Periodic technical report 1

yearly report on the main technical achievements of the project

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Mid-infrared supercontinuum – A maturing technology

Author(s): Peter Moselund, Laurent Huot
Published in: 2017

Supercontinuum, the next generation of high brightness broadband mid-IR light sources?

Author(s): Peter M. Moselund, Laurent Huot, Lucy Hooper, Christian R. Petersen, Ole Bang
Published in: 2017