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Unlocking European grid local flexibility trough augmented energy conversion capabilities at district-level


Experimental validation use case scenarios and deployment plan.

Includes a report that gives the refined use case scenarios and the detailed deployment plan.

Summary of PENTAGON experimental deployment.

A report that summarizes the deployment of the flexibility management platform.

Detailed specifications of PENTAGON conversion technologies.

Includes a report that gives the detailed specifications of all conversion technologies (power to gas and power to heat) targeted in PENTAGON to be developed in the subsequent WP

PENTAGON Smart Energy Grid Business Models II: Case Studies.

Final report on business model development.

Power-to-Gas technology validation report.

Includes a report that summarizes the tests performed on the Power-to-Gas technology (including control-command software) and the outcomes of the tests.

Targeted district configurations and flexibility management platform requirements.

Targeted district configurations and flexibility management platform requirements. Will allow an easy integration of Pentagon at district level.

Power-to-Heat technology integration strategies.

Includes a report that gives the outcomes of the critical assessment of building-level Power-to-Heat technologies and of the definition of optimal combination strategies. Will consider various European climates

PENTAGON Smart Energy Grid Business Models I: Vision

First report on business model opportunity development.

Power-to-Gas technology requirements and specification report

Requirements and specifications of the power to gas technology to be pushed to a higher TRL, making it compatible with Pentagon

Impact assessment methodology at low-voltage and medium-voltage level.

A public report that describes the methodology followed for wider impact assessment, including detailed validation scenarios and KPI definition. Methodological report that will be used as a reference in the validation activities and also publicly shared in order to allow for wider benchmarking (e.g. with other H2020 projects).

Governance structure, communication flow and methods.

This report will set up the Governance Structure, Communication Flows and Methods and elaborate a Work Plan to follow up the periodic project reports.

Outcomes of INES facilities preparation phase.

A report that details the activities lead to prepare the CEA INES facilities for the deployment of the PENTAGON platform.

Summary of the execution of validation scenarios.

A report that describes and comments the implementation of the validation scenarios on the simulation platform.

Experimental test result assessment.

A report that gives the outcomes of the tests performed in the INES facilities of the PENTAGON solution.

Project Webpage and Flipboard

Project webpage and separately an online “magazine” environment to aggregate relevant news articles and to increase project visibility/branding. Due M2 and updated along life of project.

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