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Specifications of pilot test 1/ Use Case 1

Specifications of pilot test 1: Stress tests, Ramp-up and partial-load testing

Specifications of final tests

Specifications of final tests: Continuous operation 24/7 part 2: facility ageing issues

Specifications of pilot test 2 /Use Case 2

Specifications of pilot test 2: Continuous operations 24/7

Specifications of pilot test 3 / Use Case 3

Specifications of pilot test 3: Technical testing of the PEM-facility to meet the requirements of the grid services and power price opportunities

KPIs to monitor the demonstrations and perform the exploitation tasks

KPIs to monitor the demonstrations and perform the exploitation tasks

Specifications of pilot test 5 / Use Case 5

Specifications of Pilot test 5: Optimizing electricity supply and demand of the steel plant with the support of a PEM electrolyser (minimizing deviations to forecasted consumption)

Specifications of quasi-commercial operation

Specifications of quasi-commercial operation: Operation to obtain revenues from power price opportunities, participation in the power industry’s balancing markets as well as provision of additional services to the grid

Specifications of pilot test 4 / Use Case 4

Specifications of pilot test 4: Steel production via the electric arc furnace route and direct reduction utilizing hydrogen: 45min break, 15min operation

Dissemination master Plan

Dissemination master Plan

Validated monitoring system

Validated monitoring system to calculate the use case KPIs

Public Web Site

Project web site available for public access

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