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Preterm Feeding Maturity Measurement and Evaluation


Project website

The official website will act as a hub for the project providing general information on preterm infants, feeding maturity and need for the diagnosis of the feeding maturity of preterm infants. Furthermore, product details will be provided as it becomes available. The site will also syndicate the press releases, news, social media outputs, updates and etc.

Press Releases and briefings

KuartisMED will target local public media outlets and relatively specialized outlets in the areas of neonatology and newborn. Also, startup dedicated media outlets will be utilized to promote the project, company and the EU Horizon 2020 funding. Following topics are foreseen as likely for issuing press releases; - Launch and kick-off of the project, - Approval of the quality management system based on ISO 13485, - Acceptance of scientific publications from project findings, - Launch of the clinical studies, - Notable success and case studies from the clinical studies,

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