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SIngle-cell multi-OMICs approach to study intra-tumour heterogeneity of soft tissue Sarcomas


Neutral tumor evolution?

Author(s): Maxime Tarabichi, Iñigo Martincorena, Moritz Gerstung, Armand M. Leroi, Florian Markowetz, Paul T. Spellman, Quaid D. Morris, Ole Christian Lingjærde, David C. Wedge, Peter Van Loo
Published in: Nature Genetics, Issue 50/12, 2018, Page(s) 1630-1633, ISSN 1061-4036
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
DOI: 10.1038/s41588-018-0258-x

Undifferentiated Sarcomas Develop through Distinct Evolutionary Pathways

Author(s): Christopher D. Steele, Maxime Tarabichi, Dahmane Oukrif, Amy P. Webster, Hongtao Ye, Matthew Fittall, Patrick Lombard, Iñigo Martincorena, Patrick S. Tarpey, Grace Collord, Kerstin Haase, Sandra J. Strauss, Fitim Berisha, Heli Vaikkinen, Pawan Dhami, Marnix Jansen, Sam Behjati, M. Fernanda Amary, Roberto Tirabosco, Andrew Feber, Peter J. Campbell, Ludmil B. Alexandrov, Peter Van Loo, Adrienne M.
Published in: Cancer Cell, Issue 35/3, 2019, Page(s) 441-456.e8, ISSN 1535-6108
Publisher: Cell Press
DOI: 10.1016/j.ccell.2019.02.002

Recurrent rearrangements of FOS and FOSB define osteoblastoma

Author(s): Matthew W. Fittall, William Mifsud, Nischalan Pillay, Hongtao Ye, Anna-Christina Strobl, Annelien Verfaillie, Jonas Demeulemeester, Lei Zhang, Fitim Berisha, Maxime Tarabichi, Matthew D. Young, Elena Miranda, Patrick S. Tarpey, Roberto Tirabosco, Fernanda Amary, Agamemnon E. Grigoriadis, Michael R. Stratton, Peter Van Loo, Cristina R. Antonescu, Peter J. Campbell, Adrienne M. Flanagan, Sam Behjati
Published in: Nature Communications, Issue 9/1, 2018, ISSN 2041-1723
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-04530-z

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