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Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions for High-Performance Computing


Report on the assessment and validation of innovative solutions

This deliverable contains the report related to the activities carried on the evaluation of the PPI process done inside Task 41 Procedure done inside the evaluation will be explained in conjunction with the results obtained Some final best practices and recommendations will be included after the analysis of the results obtained The report will in particular include an assessment and validation of the innovative solutions from the PPI by the beneficiaries accompanied by a demonstration to the EC of the procured and deployed innovative solutions

Report on key communications and disseminations results

This deliverable will contain the report of all the tasks related to communication and disseminations which will be performed inside Task T42 Will include all events and actions that the consortium performed during the project for disseminate the project and its results Feedback and expected impact that each action provoked will be described also

Report on quality control procedure

Definition of the quality control processes and templates for internal verification and document review for all project results and deliverables

Report on exploitation and dissemination plans

This deliverable will outline the exploitation and dissemination plans of the PPI4HPC project It will define specifically what kind of events will be communicated how to ensure eg good coverage and communication when the systems will be installed

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PPI4HPC: For the first time in Europe, academia and industry join forces in a public procurement process to build the HPC infrastructure of the future

Author(s): Anna Molinet, Renata Gimenez, Dirk Pleiter
Published in: Focus Europe, 2018
Publisher: European Network for Transfer and Exploitation of EU Project Results

PPI4HPC: European Joint Procurement of Supercomputers Launched

Author(s): Pleiter, Dirk; Krause, Dorian
Published in: Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland 15(2), 94-95 (2017)., 1, 2017
Publisher: HLRS