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Scalable multidimensionAl sitUation awaReness sOlution for protectiNg european ports


Updated Exploitation and Dissemination plan

This will cover (in draft form) individual partner exploitation plans (at component and sub-system) level and a combined system exploitation plan, a plan for targeted dissemination of results to Policy Makers/ Regulators, Industry and End User Customers, and a roadmap to take the outputs of the project to market within 2 years of project end.

Final Dissemination Report

The report describes the policy maker, industry and end-user as well as scientific and technical dissemination activities carried out in the second half of the project.

Policy Recommendations

This document will compile the formulation of policy recommendations for public authorities dealing with regulatory aspects of the fight against physical and cyber-attacks.

Legal Requirements Specifications

This document will compile the analysis of legal and ethical requirements with the aim to producing detailed project requirements specification and success criteria.

Interoperability with the Ports Vicinity

The interface design towards Open Urban Smart City Platforms will be provided in this deliverable, and instantiated for the ports of Valencia and Piraeus

Emergency Population Warning Systems analysis

This report will describe the different possibilities for innovative emergency warning systems to the population in the vicinity area of a port. The possibilities for instantiation and demonstration of one of the systems will be explored within this deliverable.

Legal and Ethical Requirements

This deliverable will assess the existing and upcoming European legal framework applicable to SAURON, as well as how these frameworks have been transposed to the concerned Member States.

Mid-term Dissemination Report

The report describes all the policy maker, industry and end-user as well as scientific and technical dissemination activities in the first half of the project.

Innovative Population Warning Techniques Development

Based on the analysis in D7.2 and D7.3, the most suitable technology for each pilot will be selected and implemented in this deliverable.

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