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C2 Advanced Multi-domain Environment and Live Observation Technologies


CAMELOT web-based platforms

D10.2- CAMELOT Web-based platforms (M4)- Implementation of web-based resource and communication platform that will be obtained in Task 10.1

Data collection campaigns

D9.2 – Data collection campaigns (M36) – while the data collected will be distributed internally, the campaigns will be recorded in a public deliverable (e.g. video) with communication and outreach intent.

Inventory of communication, dissemination and awareness raising activities

D10.4- Inventory of communication, dissemination and raising awareness activities (M48) – This deliverable will describe all the dissemination activities performed in CAMELOT including the list of publications, presentations in scientific conferences and industrial venues, and workshops organised during the project lifetime and reported at the end of each project period

CAMELOT contributions to standardization and EU regulatory landscapes

D.10.6 - CAMELOT contributions to standardization and EU regulatory landscapes (M48) -Report on standardization landscape and recommendations for enhancement of the European Regulatory Landscape aiming at accommodating the results of the CAMELOT project.

CAMELOT information kit

D10.3 - CAMELOT information kit (48)- A dissemination kit including the CAMELOT poster, leaflet and any other relevant dissemination material.

CAMELOT specifications

D3.1 – CAMELOT specifications (M15) – report compiling the results of WP3.1 and WP3.2. To be used as reference by all WP4, WP5, WP6 and WP7 partners.

User requirements and use cases

D2.1 – User requirements and use cases (M9) – report covering results of WP2.1 and WP2.2. Will include user needs and the processes used to identify them, user requirements, scenarios and use cases as well as an inventory of existing assets which may be used in the project.

CAMELOT architecture and data model

D2.2 – CAMELOT architecture and data model (M9) - This deliverable will report on the survey and trade-off of possible architecture models and will provide the system architecture specification in line with WP2.3. It will also provide the detailed definition of CAMELOT data model used for information exchanges, the common interface specification for external interfaces and protocols (WP2.4) and foreseen methods and levels of interoperability between CAMELOT and existing systems (WP2.5).

Communication, dissemination and awareness raising strategies

D10.1- Communication, Dissemination and Awareness Raising Strategies (M6) - This deliverable will deal with the overall communication, dissemination and raising awareness strategy of the project, including target audience, means to reach the audience and procedures to follow for this scope. The deliverable will be re-issued on M30 to better define communication and dissemination plans when the CAMELOT results will be clearly visible.

CAMELOT test plan

D9.1 - CAMELOT Test Plan (M36) – comprehensive document on the testing approaches, protocols and methods for CAMELOT. Document outlying test strategy, relevant standards, approach, organization of tests and required infrastructure.

CAMELOT testing and demonstration

D9.3 – CAMELOT testing and demonstration (M48) – demonstrator for the validation of CAMELOT outputs. CAMELOT concepts will be verified in both Simulated and real environment to determine authenticity.


Subjective and objective measures

Author(s): Ferreira, H.; Saraiva, M.; Ayanoğlu, H.
Published in: Human–Computer Interaction Series - Emotional Design in Human Robot Interaction: Theory, Methods and Application., 2019, ISBN 978-3-319-96722-6
Publisher: Springer International Publishing

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