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GENDer equality in the ERA Community To Innovate policy implementatiON


Report on the dissemination of the HG/SFIC guidelines

This deliverable will report on the dissemination and follow up of the joint HG/SFIC guidelines developed to support to European science diplomacy by fostering the integration of gender equality and gender mainstreaming in international cooperation in STI.

Report on the best-practice exchange event of EU funded projects

This deliverable will report on the outcomes of the best practice exchange and networking event for the representatives of projects to support institutional change funded by the European Commission.

Report on national roadmaps and mechanisms in ERA priority 4

This deliverable will provide an overview of national roadmaps in ERA priority 4, focusing on stakeholders involved, goals, actions and indicators defined in the MS roadmaps.

Kick-off meeting report

This deliverable will report on the kick-off meeting and record the establishment of management and communication protocols to ensure the smooth running of the project.

Communication and dissemination strategy

This deliverable is the communication strategy which will ensure clear, coherent messages tailored to the project target groups, reflecting the diversity of these actors as well as the EU policy cycle. It will include an overview of communication channels (such as the project website, flyer, social media etc.).

Report on mid-term assessment of ERA priority 4 implementation

This deliverable will report on progress towards implementation of ERA priority 4 strategies and activities among member states after approximately 2 years of project activities to encourage their uptake.

Methodological framework to assess gender in international cooperation in STI

This deliverable will report on the methodology developed to assess gender equality in STI international cooperation, current practices among partner countries and recommendations delivered to partner countries and globally.

Report on “Strategic advice for enhancing the gender dimension of Open Science and Innovation policy”

This deliverable will report on the strategic advice provided to the Helsinki Group, MS and EU stakeholders concerning the gender dimension of the Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World policy.

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