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Information Management Portal to Enable the inTegration of Unmanned Systems


Technological and economic feasibility report

This deliverable will consolidate the results of the laboratory-based experiments executed in IMPETUS.

Drone Information Users' Requirements

This deliverable will consolidate all rearch dealing with drone information analysis and the characterization of the data.

Experimental plan

This deliverable will describe the experiments to be executed in IMPETUS to test the feasibility of the proposed solution.

Drone Information Services

This deliverable will detail the micro-services that are tailored to fit the information needs of all UTM users.

Exploitation & Dissemination plan

This deliverable describes the dissemination activities to be executed by the IMPETUS consortium

IMPETUS architecture and functional requirements

This deliverable will define the feasible and cost-efficient IT architecture that supports the UTM information requirements and related microservices.

Final Project Results Report

This deliverable will consolidate the IMPETUS findings and the impact on the maturity of the proposed solution.

Exploitation & Dissemination report

This deliverable describes the dissemination and exploitation actions that have been completed by IMPETUS.

IMPETUS platform and micro-services model

This model will integrate specific micro-services able to test the technological feasibility of the IMPETUS solution to address the challenges of the drone information management system.

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