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Effects of Nutrition and Lifestyle on Impulsive, Compulsive, and Externalizing behaviours


Manuscript 1: effects of dietary intake and lifestyle across lifespan stratified by sex and SES

The deliverable will contain a manuscript describing the association between dietary risk factors and lifestyle behavior related with maladaptive behavior.

Manuscript 2: effects of dietary intake during pregnancy on offspring impulsivity and compulsivity

The deliverable will contain a manuscript describing the role of dietary factors in the pregnant mother as predictive factor of the child’s behavior.

Registration number of clinical studies in a WHO- or ICMJE- approved registry

Information pertinent to the registration of the RCTs to the proper entities & authorities.

Learning Modules online on website

We will work with each WP to prepare the learning modules described in D4.03. Working with members of each WP we will create slide audiocasts describing each project for the website.

Go online of public project website, Eat2beNICE website internal part online

Corporate design and public part of Eat2BeNICE website set up to disseminate results to the public. Eat2BeNICE website internet for internal use and project monitoring

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