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Indra HVDC Distribution system


Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

Dissemination and Exploitation Plan. This deliverable will be forecasted at the end of the project and will recollect all teh dissemination (papers, publications, conferences, websites, interviews,...) activities done during the INDIS project based in it and that could be already reported to the CSJU inside of the periodic scientific and pubblicantion reports. This deliverable is a consequence of the Task T12.

GA, IA and/or SYS consortium agreement

GA, IA and/or SYS consortium agreement. This deliverable is in charge to recollect the signed Grant Agreemet between Indra and CSJU (GA), and the signed Implementation agreement (IA) or SYS-ITD Consortium agreement, between Indra and the topic manager. This DL will be applicable as consequence of the negotiations with the CSJU uring the GAP phase.

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