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European Network for Pilot Production Facilities and Innovation Hubs


Innovation hubs’ networks

Within this deliverable, possible networks of Innovation hubs’ networks will proposed and boosted.

Platform alpha version

The alha version of the webiste goes live.

Final Workshop

A final workshop to presente the main outcomes of the project will be delivered.

Initial workshop

A joint event to be led by the EC will be organised. This workshop is to promote learning experiences in terms of operational matters regarding pilot facilities.

EPPN WGs exploitation and clustering strategy

"Deliverable initially planned for month 20 and updated for month 36. The Working Groups have been initially planned around 4 main operational areas: • Technical collaboration including the digital platform, the pilot facilities and the (SME) users. • Market and finance intelligence, providing information and guidance to the hubs operations and user cases. • Training and dissemination, facilitating and organising training activities by using resources available within the beneficiaries and other (EC) funded services. • Policy and regions, focussing mainly on contacts to regional decision makers and innovation offices that can help formalising the regional hubs. During the implementation phase, the number of Working Groups has been reduced to 3: • WG #1 - Technical collaboration Training Dissemination • WG #2 - Finance and Market • WG #3 - Policy & Regions During the mid-term review meeting in January 2019 it has been suggested, discussed and agreed that it would be better to have the deliverable related to WG at the end of the project (M36). This deliverable will capture structure and all activities of the WG and should be expanded beyond only exploitation and strategy. Text of the D4.1 submitted at original M20 deadline has provided only results from the initial survey and first WG meeting and it should be considered only as a preliminary draft. Further information related to communication with the WG and discussion about their feedback will follow and will be included in the final deliverable (M36). "

Three pilot production market workshops

Three pilot production market workshops at Months: 12, 24 & M36

Project APP

Development of an App with information of the mapping and offer of the pilot facilities.

4 interactive networking/dissemination workshops

The consortium will organise at least 4 interactive networking/dissemination workshops (M12, M18, M24 and M30) inviting relevant stakeholder, in particular potential users, providers and policy makers, to encourage interaction among them and maximise pilot line exploitation.

Pilot lines: best practices and benchmark

Best practices of pilot lines operating in and outside Europe will be identified and described/presented in a report. Month 24 - Draft Month 36 - Final

Report on European, national and regional funding sources

A report will be developed describing existing mechanisms to support pilots for further market, funding and financing will be developed within this task.

Assessment reports on the innovation ecosystems

Based on the experience of existing Innovation Hubs and their Business Models, an identification of possible candidates for the establishment of new regional Innovation Hubs will be supported. Considering the input from WP3 and WP4 an assessment will be carried out to identify at least 3 different regions in 3 different countries with developed ecosystems capable of: •Providing the technical expertise and facilities (labs, infrastructures, pilot lines for production, etc.) •Providing business access to the latest knowledge, expertise and technology for testing and experimenting their products before launching them in the market. •Providing the connections with investors and facilitate access to financing of businesses and help connect users and suppliers of innovations across the value chain.

Report on Stakeholders VC complementarities

A Report on Stakeholders VC complementarities will be developed: Month 24 - draft; Month 32 - final

Innovation Hubs: Report on best practices

The initial plan for this deliverable was to define initial and uniformed business models for the Innovation Hubs (IH). However it has been recognised by all parties (consortium and Commission) that the EPPN consortium cannot take responsibility to develop the business model of an IH. These business models are defined by the IH in accordance with the instructions from their owners and considering the multi-level governance models applicable. The consortium has concluded that one of the best ways to support the IH on an effective way is to provide them with examples of best practices so that they will be able to benchmark with other IH. In this context, the consortium will engage in particular with the three specific innovation hubs to discuss with them and convince them about the usability of the EPPN and bi-laterally use their advice on further developments of the EPPN. Instead of developing governance and sustainable business models for the 3 selected innovation hubs, the consortium proposes to deliver a document reporting the best practices identified within each of the selected ecosystems.

VC classification

A document describing the classification of the Value Chains.

Other initiatives and services mapping

A reports will be developed with a description of existing capabilities/infrastructures existing around the pilots concerning modelling, characterisation and safety related services. Month 10 - Draft Month 15 - Final

Report on pilots mapping: analysis & cluster

A report describing the mapping of the pilot lines and possible clustering initiatives among the pilot lines. Month 6 - Draft Month 10 - Final Version

Dissemination and communication strategy

A report describing the dissemination & innovation strategy.

Project video

A video on the project´s main activities, events and results will be developed.

Project website

A website fully dedicated to the EPPN project will be developed.

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