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Advanced Integrated RPAS Avionics Safety Suite


Website published online

A website presence of the project informs about the scope of the project, the current progress, and scheduled activities.

Conclusion and recommendations for future VLL drones

The report summarises the findings and outcomes of all technical tasks and gives recommendation for an on-board system of future VLL drones.

On-board system concept evaluation and feasibility analysis

The report gives an evaluation and feasibility analysis with a SWOT analysis of the proposed on-board system concept.

Scope and Boundaries

The report defines the further work by identification of the operational environment and the classification of drones, and giving an initial working model of a UTM concept.

Identification of existing CNS infrastructures

For each of the operating environments identified in Task 2.1 the report summarises identified infrastructure that is relevant for CNS. It examines its usability, any future developments expected that may impact VLL drones and derives requirements for on-board standards and systems.

Identification of an implementation approach

The report identifies various development approaches for the different on-board technologies in the context of different drone categories. It will also detail qualification level, performance and cost. It will also identify the open points with respect to the research questions of topic 3 in the technical specification and therefore indicate whether the concept and the recommendations to be developed in this project will be beneficial to the research questions.

On-board system concept technologies gap analysis

The report describes identified gaps in technologies and gives recommendations for development of additional on-board system technologies.

Risk assessment and proposed mitigating measures

The report gives the result of the risk assessment task and proposes mitigating measures for the on-board system.

Definition of on-board system concept

The report details the on-board system specifications and concepts of integration. It will include components and the distribution of functionalities over these components.

Identification of Existing On-board Technologies

The report summarises identified on-board systems and points out limitations of the technologies.

Requirements for the on-board system concept

The report defines functional requirements for the on-board system concept based on results from WP 2, categorised according to EASA.

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