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To nap or not to nap? Why napping habits interfere with cognitive fitness in ageing



Temporal constraints on sleep and cognition: importance for brain health during ageing.

Author(s): Schmidt, C.
Published in: Journal of Sleep Research, 2018

Impact of age and napping on actimetry-derived sleep and 24-h rest-activity indices

Inter- and intra-expert variability in sleep scoring: comparison between visual and automatic analysis.

La sieste comme indice de fragmentation du cycle de veille-sommeil : impact sur la cognition

Author(s): Reyt, Mathilde; Latteur, Alizée; Schmidt, Christina; Muto, Vincenzo; Hammad, Grégory
Published in: Journal of Sleep Research, 2018

Association of circadian sleep-wake regulation and brain structure in older adults: a multi-modal approach

Author(s): Deantoni, Michele; Hammad, Grégory; Maire, Micheline; Ali Bahri, Mohammed; Berthomier, Christian; Cajochen, Christian; Reichert, Carolin; Schmidt, Christina
Published in: Journal of Sleep Research, 2017

New spectral analysis method to identify trait-like features in NREM sleep power spectra