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Laser Manufacturing of 3D nanostructured optics using Advanced Photochemistry


Communication kit

The project will also provide a communication kit about the project (narrative text, photographs, slides and any other suitable communication material, complemented with copyright licenses for the European Commission and for Photonics21). The narrative text will target a general audience and focus on the technical achievements as well as on the economical and societal benefits for the EU. This communication kit will be provided to the Commission at the beginning of the project (M1, D7.9a) with updates at mid-term (M18, D7.9b) and at the end (M36, D7.9c).

PHENOmenon Website

A project website will be published with both public and private sections. The public section will be devoted to increase the project visibility for the general audience, including updated information about the project and the achieved results. The public section will include the following information: - Events calendar with relevant local and international events related to the project issues - links to major relevant websites and portals - download section which will provide all public documents of the project, including public deliverables - contact form for visitors’ questions The intranet area will be used to improve the collaboration between the partners, and as a tool for internal communication and information exchange between partners. The website will be continuously updated until the end of the project with relevant information about project results and achievements.

Benchmarking analysis

Compilation of metrics and the available information on the performance of existing and competing nano-optostructuring technologies used in production. This deliverable summarizes the analysis carried on T1.2.

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Quadratic phase modulation and diffraction-limited microfocusing generated by pairs of subwavelength dielectric scatterers

Author(s): Azeddine Tellal, Omar Ziane, Safi Jradi, Olivier Stephan, Patrice L. Baldeck
Published in: Nanophotonics, Issue 8/6, 2019, Page(s) 1051-1061, ISSN 2192-8614
DOI: 10.1515/nanoph-2019-0071

Faceted Fresnel DOEs creating the perception of a floating 3D virtual object under divergent illumination

Author(s): Qiang Song, Yoran Eli Pigeon, Kevin Heggarty
Published in: Optics Communications, Issue 451, 2019, Page(s) 231-239, ISSN 0030-4018
DOI: 10.1016/j.optcom.2019.06.047

An optimization approach of computer generated hologram (CGH) for divergent light shaping

Author(s): Qiang Song, Yoran Eli Pigeon, Xavier Theillier, Kevin Heggarty
Published in: Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging 2019, 2019, Page(s) Tu4A.5
DOI: 10.1364/dh.2019.tu4a.5