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Cybersecurity Awareness and Knowledge Systemic High-level Application


Final Evaluation Report

A public report that evaluates the implementation of the YAKSHA pilot deployments including satisfaction of demonstrators with the implementation of YAKSHA and its possible improvements, provide a global picture of security issues in the, produce a global estimate of the financial costs and benefits and investigate success factors leading to the maximal effectiveness of YAKSHA.

Report on YAKSHA pilot projects

A public report that details of both quantitative and qualitative data about the performance of YAKSHA that was collected during the duration of the pilot projects in Vietnam and Greece.

ASEAN Cybersecurity Ecosystem: a co-creation approach

A public report detailing the results and achievement from the co-creative workshops that aims to bring relevant cybersecurity stakeholders in the ASEAN region together to strengthen common vision for an ASEAN cybersecurity ecosystem.

Overview of Cybersecurity Status in ASEAN and the EU

A public report that analyses the EU and ASEAN’s cybersecurity ecosystems status in order to assess the main opportunities for developing new solutions for improving the cybersecurity posture of complex organisations in the ASEAN area.

Ontology definition and interoperability specifications

A report that specifies the needed ontology to store the information in the Sample database of YAKSHA.

Data collection methodology

A public report of the general assumptions, limitations of the platform and identification the different entities involved including their attributes, behaviour, and interactions.

Research and Innovations in malware collection & detection report

A Public report that provides novel methods in malware detection and collection, as well as impact assessment.


Protocol Deployment for Employing Honeypot-as-a-Service

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GRYPHON: Drone Forensics in Dataflash and Telemetry Logs

Author(s): Evangelos Mantas, Constantinos Patsakis
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Analysing the fall 2020 Emotet campaign

Author(s): Constantinos Patsakis, Anargyros Chrysanthou
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Resurrecting anti-virtualization and anti-debugging: Unhooking your hooks

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I know what you streamed last night: On the security and privacy of streaming

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HEDGE: Efficient Traffic Classification of Encrypted and Compressed Packets

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Encrypted and covert DNS queries for botnets: Challenges and countermeasures

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Exploiting statistical and structural features for the detection of Domain Generation Algorithms

Author(s): Constantinos Patsakis, Fran Casino
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NodeXP: NOde.js server-side JavaScript injection vulnerability DEtection and eXPloitation

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Improving Vendor-managed Inventory Strategy Based on Internet of Things (IoT) Applications and Blockchain Technology

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Realising Honeypot-as-a-Service for Smart Home Solutions

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Privacy-preserving collaborative filtering: A new approach based on variable-group-size microaggregation

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HYDRA dataset

Author(s): Fran Casino; Nikolaos Lykousas; Ivan Homoliak; Constantinos Patsakis; Julio Hernandez-Castro
Published in: Zenodo

Exploiting Statistical and Structural Features for the Detection of Domain Generation Algorithms

Author(s): Constantinos Patsakis; Fran Casino
Published in: Zenodo